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Quick access to quality tools and resources

Selection criteria

The Information kiosk provides quick access to quality web tools and resources for IIE MSA staff and students

Content is classified in broad categories. The linked sites are considered to be good representatives of their type. The distinction between web and library resources may blur as some sites provide both free content and subscription only access (eg Encyclopeadia Britannica). Where the library has a subscription and the link provided is to a restricted access site this is indicated in the accompanying text.

Features sought in sites selected include:

  • authoritative ie. site creator evidently knows their field
  • comprehensive eg. good general starting point to locate specific information
  • uniqueness ie. no better sites covering the same topics
  • stability or durability eg. long standing web presence
  • freshness eg. content maintained and updated regularly
  • relevance ie. likely to be of use to our client base
  • non commercial ie. information rich rather than an electronic shop fr