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Figshare Research Repository: How to Home

This guide is designed to walk you through the process of uploading, publishing and sharing your research data on FigShare

Figshare defined


What is Figshare?

Figshare is an online digital repository, designed to allow academic institutions to store, manage and publicly share their research output, including research data, posters, figures, videos and papers. It makes an institutions research searchable,discoverable and citable. The detailed impact is captured through statistical reporting.


Some of the features of Figshare include the following.

  • Your research is assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). This means you can cite it as a research output alongside your paper or as a freestanding piece of data.
  • Figshare complies with funder mandates around making data openly accessible and storing it in perpetuity.
  • You can use Figshare to make your data private or share it with the world by making it public.
  • Data that is uploaded to Figshare is marked for indexing in Google Scholar and Google Dataset Search. This helps improve the exposure of your research.
  • We track usage statistics, including views, downloads, citations, and Altmetrics.


Introduction to Figshare video

IIEMSA End User Training 30 July 2020

The video has been recorded based on IIEMSA Figshare stage platform